A Liquid River of Thought

Written and Directed by Jason E. Small

Hello Friends and Family,

A liquid River of Thought is a poem that I wrote when I was 22 years old. I’ve turned it into a video. This poem is one of my favorites and is part of the foundation of who I am and influences how my thought process works. The poems that I write are the values that I hold dear to my heart and soul and the lessons that I’ve learned that brought me to these values.

One evening I was home watching a documentary on the Amazon River Basin. The program was explaining that because the river is so close to the equator that it was one of the hottest areas on the planet. With the river  being present in this area the water evaporated at a high rate causing so much humidity then rising and turning into rain clouds. It would rain for weeks at a time. They went on to explain how the river basin meandered and that all the twists and turns were necessary to clean the water. Sediments and contaminants would be caught by the shores of every twist and turn and there are many in the Amazon River. All these natural obstacles were basically a filtration system for the river. So the water entering the ocean was much cleaner than the water far up stream. So the parable that I got from watching the documentary is this: The river basin itself was life and all the challenges that it brings. The water flowing through the river basin was my spiritual being, my thoughts forever flowing, changing and never stopping. As my thoughts met the challenges of every twist and turn of necessary obstacles of life, I was being cleansed much like the water. I often find lessons of life everywhere I look but nature is my favorite place to discover answers. I’ve realized that I don’t have to try and figure everything out about life. I just have to pay attention and recognize. As I accumulate the variables of life, they all store in my mind. It was when I learned to be still and not try to control and manipulate my own thoughts that the answers started to come. This is how I learned to listen. I literally do nothing but pay attention. My thoughts would start to form a story like listening to an audio book. The clarity of my thoughts came down to a few basic things: Don’t fear what I will find. Don’t preconceive what will happen(ASSUMPTIONS). Don’t manipulate and reconfigure for my own comfort (DENIAL). Don’t try and figure out what was coming next (EGO). JUST PAY ATTENTION AND LISTEN. 

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