Greenland to Florida

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Imagine enough melted ice to flood the entire state of Florida. That’s what The Guardian published about ice melting in Greenland. “Greenland’s vast ice sheet is undergoing a surge in melting, with the amount of ice vanishing in a single day this week enough to cover the whole of Florida in two inches of water, […]

Swamp Reality

There’s an incentive to getting to Yes, to be on The Team, not necessarily on the right side of history but little more than to be on the same side as the others. That’s the swamp of Washington, DC. This video (below) takes you there.

Polk Preparing for Shortage

Polk County, Florida, is preparing for a water shortage. Not sent in a press release but published on its website, Polk announced that it is preparing now for the future. It’s anticipating a water shortage. It’s setting up a pilot program with the Southwest Florida Water Management District to address the issue. Watch this space for […]

Can Piney Point Happen in Polk?

According to The Ledger, “The question for Polk residents is: Could it happen here?” Could Piney Point happen right here in big ole Polk County, Florida? Up until today, the answer was a resounding, “Yes.” With the most in Florida, Polk has a dozen phosphogypsum stacks just like Piney Point, but in a move by Governor […]

Save the Lake Wales Ridge

It is that time again for water, environmental, and conservation activists to stand up and speak out; and to confront the Polk County Planning Commission, which will be holding a meeting on Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 9 a.m. in the board room of the County Administration Building, 330 W. Church St. in Bartow. If […]

Florida Loses to Georgia

The Savannah Morning News reported on how Florida is continuing to go after Georgia for overwatering of their crops, claiming that this was what caused the collapse of Florida’s oyster industry way back in 2013. With a survival-of-the-fittest mentality, the “water wars” includes Florida, Georgia, and Alabama; and the war’s not over. Come back here […]

Mitch Allen

Protect the Historic Lake Wales Ridge The Lake Wales Ridge rose from ancient beach and dune systems that have stood above sea level for over a million years. The long, narrow ridge was uplifted about 300 feet above sea level and is one of the oldest natural scrub communities in Florida. Scientists say that […]

Water, Water Everywhere

shapeless crystal formation of transparent ice

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner refers to “water, everywhere, [but not a] drop to drink.” Looking around my Florida neighborhood, I see same thing but I know it stretches across America. Communities everywhere are looking for alternative water sources. Where I live in Davenport, a.k.a., central Florida, we’re also looking for one of those […]