The Blame Game

The Blame Game
This is a conversation and trap that I and many others fall into. Often what has led me to this step, is trying to understand a problem and what was the cause. So that a solution can be found. What I realized about this method, is that the priorities are often over looked. Stating the problem is important, finding the cause is important, but getting to the SOLUTIONS is the PRIORITY. Staying steadfast to priorities is important because often the time line of consequences are accumulating.
What I have discovered for myself, is that using blame for the future, is an illusion of conjecture. Using blame in the present, just impedes us from getting to the solutions. The only place in time, that blame works, is in the Past. It is a problem that has already happened. It is integral to know who or what caused the problem, to see the content and context of the Truth. So that we are not doomed to repeat it. History.
The Future is a mystery, the Past is already a memory, The only thing that is Real, is the MOMENT of the Present. So let’s use our Present wisely, so that it can be a Gift, that keeps on giving.
January 18, 2021
Jason E. Small

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