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Greenland to Florida

Imagine enough melted ice to flood the entire state of Florida. That’s what The Guardian published about ice melting in Greenland. “Greenland’s vast ice sheet

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Swamp Reality

There’s an incentive to getting to Yes, to be on The Team, not necessarily on the right side of history but little more than to

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Save the Lake Wales Ridge

It is that time again for water, environmental, and conservation activists to stand up and speak out; and to confront the Polk County Planning Commission,

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Florida Loses to Georgia

The Savannah Morning News reported on how Florida is continuing to go after Georgia for overwatering of their crops, claiming that this was what caused

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shapeless crystal formation of transparent ice

Water, Water Everywhere

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner refers to “water, everywhere, [but not a] drop to drink.” Looking around my Florida neighborhood, I see same thing

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