My name is Mitch Allen, the brother of two older sisters and one of the founders of the We Can Movement.

The founders plan is to turn this simple idea into an ideal, something that will make a difference, influence our futures and be lived by many. You know, the WE CAN life! This idea started as an “I Can” thing but I realized that it was more important and would last longer, be bigger and better for all, as a WE CAN ideal. Our motto is We Starts with Me …. Together WE CAN, and we will overcome any obstacle.

To give you a little background on myself, I was born in South Florida and lived there until the age of 12. I moved to central Florida in 1978 and graduated from high school in 1981, where I met my wife. We were just friends for many years and did not start dating until 1986. We dated for 8 years and then choose to marry. It has been a wonderful experience to be married to a longtime friend. My wife and I have three incredible children.

As a young man, I did not think I wanted to have children. I was fearful of where the world was headed and did not know if I had what it would take to provide for and raise a child. As time went by, I learned and realize things about myself. I could, I can and I did. The day our first blessing was born into our lives, was the most important happening in my entire life. That day took me from a single man to fatherhood. It is hard to explain the feeling and emotion when you see your first child’s birth. I mean, when the doctor places this new life and blessing into your arms, there was something incredible that came over me. I believe it is an unexplainable event. It’s something that you have to experience for yourself. All I can say is, “Thank God for children and the blessing they have been unto our lives.”

As a child, my parents instilled in me “that they wanted to give me more than they had.” I believe this is what all parents want for their children. I think the key to what my parents instilled was they required me to respect my elders, which in return, I earned the respect of my elders. This taught me that you only deserve respect, if and when you have shown respect. I still believe today, that respect is not an entitlement. Respect is something of value and things of value are earned. Respect is something that allows people to become closer in their relationships with one another. When people become closer, it allows us to become somewhat united. There was once a time when all families were united but now we are people and there are families that are divided for many different reasons. What we must remember and understand is “United We Stand and Divided We Fall.” WE CAN agree that we live in the United States of America. We must unite again and reform the United States of America for “We the People.” Our Heavenly Father, God, and Jesus Christ say that we are all conquerors and that we shall overcome. What it does not say, is that He will do it for us. He has anointed and blessed us with all we need. All that is missing is the “United” part of the United States of America.

My parents also ask that we live life by the “Golden Rule”. To have a good decent life, you have to “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”. A “Golden Rule” life will not only bring respect unto you but also provide you the means to accomplish all you desire and deserve. We must remember this when raising our own children as well as the children of the world. I believe it is said “that it takes a village to raise a child”. I feel that in today’s society we are failing our children by not instilling the old time sayings. I mean, the only way a saying can become an “Old Time Saying” is for it to survive the test of time. Many parents and children today have never been taught the “Golden Rule”. The “Golden Rule” is what our country was founded on and is a must in today’s society. We must slow down, turn off the techno crap and get back to what founded this great country.

I have been a utility contractor for most of my adult life. What kept me in business for 30+ years was I respected the wishes of my clients and always applied the “Golden Rule” to our work ethics. You’d be amazed at what happens in your life when you simply apply the “Golden Rule” to every aspect of our lives, just as when you speak and live the word of God. Miracles can and do happen in our lives. What are you speaking over your life and others?

During the real estate debacle and our government bailing out the banking and auto industries (the rich), and leaving the average every day, hard working people to pay the bill, it was not long before the “trickle-down effect” hit many homes, including ours. We must be united in our communities and tell our public officials to stop representing and protecting the rich and to represent and protect the Public’s interest. This is what every public official is sworn and affirm they will do during the swearing in ceremony. We would only be asking them to do what they swore and affirmed they would do. We must hold them accountable and stop just accepting their actions or saying “well that’s just life,” “we can’t do anything about it” or “it is what it is.” These types of statements will stop you right in your tracks. We must realize that it’s  “What we allow, will continue.” I have to ask, when is the last time you wrote, emailed, or called a public official? Please stop and think about that. If we do not talk to or tell our politicians what we want, than how can we expect to receive what we want.

In 2009 we started GreenTurfSolutions (GTS), which is a landscaping company that provides what we call sustainable landscaping through the use of synthetic turf, rock gardens and Florida-friendly plants. Our landscaping mission is to conserve, protect and restore our most precious natural resource “water.” Our landscaping designs conserves 60 to 70% of the water normally consumed to irrigate natural grass. Through the use of larger rock gardens, Florida friendly plants and efficient irrigation design, we not only conserve water but reduce the need for the use of harmful chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. These harmful chemicals are known to cause many cancers, extreme poor health conditions and are polluting the ground. If we don’t stop polluting the ground, we will never cure the many health concerns that exist today. You have to realize, that when we pollute the ground, we eventually pollute our own water because all water comes from the ground, even city water is pumped from the ground. The ground that sustains all life, acts as the filter for all the water. When we contaminate the filter, we contaminate the water and eventually contaminate our own lives.

Within a year or so of starting GTS, we had made headway in accomplishing some of our goals by getting our name, products and services to the people. By the second year many of the Homeowners Associations (HOA) were coming after our customers for the use of synthetic turf and the rock gardens. This was all happening while our local, state and federal governments were developing Florida Friendly Landscaping rules and regulations. The purpose and intent of these new rules and regulations were to conserve, protect and restore our water. To date our little mom and pop landscaping company (GTS) is saving on average, over 5 million gallons of water per year. This is only a droplet in the bucket of the trillions of gallons of water consumed outdoors each and every year, just in Florida. South Florida alone consumes 4.9 trillion gallons daily. GTS has also reduced thousands of pounds of harmful lawn chemicals from being utilized. These chemicals have had and will continue to have very devastating effects on the Air we breathe, the Water we drink, our health, the future of our children’s health, our pets’ health and so much more.

After two HOA’s sued homeowners, it became very apparent that we had to become more involved in the local politics of the area. As we joined different organizations and attended political meetings we saw the way things really work in the United States of America. This is when the idea started for the I Can business. We flounder around with the I Can for a couple years and couldn’t get much started.

In 2011, our local politicians decided it would be appropriate to approve an Industrial Mining operation on residential zoned property, just a few hundred feet from thousands of residential homes. Our home and my parents’ home are on the East-side of this property and were two of the thousands of homes that would be affected, along with a very large 55+ community which is on the West-side of the proposed mining property.

In August of 2011, our two communities united together and filed a lawsuit against our county. In January of 2013, the Chief Judge ruled in favor of “We the People”. This is when I realized that together WeCan make a difference. You see, from the very beginning of our battle with the county, many people told us that we would never win. That the Mining Industry had too much money and we would never stop the mining. This is the very problems that exist today, “We the People” believe that we cannot win and when you believe such things, you do nothing. You have to realize that when you do nothing, is when you get nothing and you are settling for what our politicians allow. WeCan speak out to our politicians and let our voices be heard. WeCan stop the political bulling. We must say NO to Political Correctness. We have allowed the media, which is owned by the rich and influenced by our politicians, to convince us that we have to be politically correct. Political correctness goes against public interest, the original Constitution, you know, where “We the People” started, the Bill of Rights and what the Founding Father intended and desired when creating these documents. These documents are meant to protect the “Rights” of “We the People.”

On January 18, 2013, WeCan and we did accomplish an amazing thing. Together “We the People” set a precedent that can be utilized time and time again by others to stop inappropriate decisions from moving forward against public interest. Now I have to be totally honest and tell the whole story. Within a week of the Chief Judges decision in favor of the public’s interest, our county decided to fix the codes, which “We the People” won our lawsuit on. So less than a year later our public officials amended the very codes that protected the public interest and the people that live just a few hundred feet away. On November 19, 2013, our Board of County Commissioners once again approved the same mining operation on the same parcel of land. So on December 19, 2013, “We the People” have filed another lawsuit against our county. For me, this only provides the proof that WeCan and We Must Stand United and Stop the “Political Bulling” in America. This can only happen when we stand strong together and Unite “For the People”.

I am hopeful that you will join us in our WE CAN goal to re-unite the United States of America once again, for “We the People.” Please visit our Market Place and purchase our products as this will help us to get our words to the people. Our pricing covers the cost to produce our products and supports our mission. Please remember our mission does involve you, as WeCan make a difference and We Starts with Me. If you repeat We Starts with Me enough times, you will begin to understand that Me is actually You and me. also sponsors Give Kids the World, The Sunshine Foundation and the Green Bag Project. With your help and support will grow and move forward in great ways. We welcome your comments and opinions. Please like us on Facebook and help to spread our WE CAN ideal. Also, we’re on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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