WE CAN U & ME, INC., is an association of volunteers from northeast Polk County, Florida. Our mission is to raise awareness of natural environmental rights, especially the importance of our right to clean water, and to ultimately uphold and grow an environmental constitution to ensure a sustainable future. Want to know more about us?

WeCan.Me is an organization created by regular hard-working Americans, just like you, who are fed up with seeing what our ancestors worked so hard to obtain being demolished right in front of us and leaving no future for our children to grasp. It is incumbent of us to raise awareness and for We The People to stand together and relentlessly reunite the United States of America. We can not remain a nation divided and hope to continue to hold onto our democracy.  

We aim to empower everyone with the knowledge and understanding that together we can overcome the political bullying that has existed and oppressed us for far too long! Our children desire and deserve much better than what has been force-fed to us by the greedy powers of the world. We need to equip ourselves with the pride and unrelenting courage that some of our forefathers possessed when they fought for human rights because, like them, we find ourselves enslaved once again by the rich and powerful.

Believe it or not, the tiny ants are more than capable of defeating the giant elephant, so long as they attack together, united as one!

The mindset of politics was and is that the “big business” giants cannot be permitted to fail, as stated numerous times prior to the start of the bailout.  For example, after our government bailout, the banking industry still refuses to restructure predatorily mortgages. The result of such has been the foreclosure of millions of homes and forcefully blindsiding American families into hopeless homelessness. There was a time when banks didn’t want to own homes, they only desired mortgages on them.   Another example can be seen in the rights given to corporations which have resulted in the necessity of the current Rights of Nature movement as a way to stop the pollution of our waterways, animals, and humans.  Companies like Mosaic and Monsanto, just to name two, under our current constitution have more rights to dump their corporate-owned toxic waste into our waterways and aquifer than we as humans have a right to stop them.  They scoop up land, destroy it with their mining operations and leave behind a toxic wasteland looking much like the surface of the moon and can never be fully restored. 

In the past, we as a nation valued humanity. What we now see is prideful greed with an insatiable thirst for money and power from our so-called leaders, whom will stop at nothing to quench their detrimental desires regardless of who suffers the consequences and at the expense of the working man.

Its time that We The People start asking questions before its too late! We must demand attention to the resolution of these issues. 

Friends, its time to take a stand as a We The People By The People!  How you may ask….

  1. Its time to start holding our politicians accountable for their actions.  Get involved, sign those petitions, call and email those representatives at the local, state and national levels.

  2. Attend demonstrations, walkouts, and community cleanup efforts.  Take your children with and make this a family moment.  Live out a good example in all areas of your life.

  3. Help your neighbor, be kind, be responsible for your carbon footprint, clean up your own litter and even the litter left behind by others.  

  4. Remember our civic duty to be responsible citizens.

The instructions are clear. It’s time for us to make a difference in our “right now” so that we may guarantee our children a better tomorrow.


“We” can starts with “Me & You”

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