Florida is fast becoming an American bellwether state when it comes to the Rights of Nature movement. Information on the movement reached National Public Radio recently and local news sources everywhere in Florida primarily for the lawsuit initiated by Speak Up Wekiva president Chuck O’Neal against a developer for planning to fill in 115 acres of wetlands.

Even a National Review contributor Wesley Smith noticed the movement and made his own comments, albeit negative they were. Smith called the movement “anti-human” and wants to see it aborted in its “embryonic stage.” Nice going, Wesley.

Overall the news reaching the general public has been objective, focusing on the facts of the movement and the lawsuit. What’s next?

A petition. Actually five of them on the environment with 891,589 petitions needed to be collected for each one to make it to Florida’s ballot. If you want to engage your activist nature, fill them out, print them up, and mail them in. You can find all five petitions at FL5.org.

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